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The Artist's Studio

Unlike PS Edition works, Studio sculptures are not commissioned by Pure Sculpture but are a part of an artist’s creative exploration of various themes and approaches. These works don’t fit the criteria for a PS Edition but are a service to the artist; allowing them to share works that might turn into a series or are simply one-of-a-kind works. Studio works provide Pure Sculpture with an expanded inventory of artwork; provide collectors with a well- rounded and intimate view of our artists while increasing the portfolio of the artist.


Pure Sculpture will pass along requests for site-specific commission of artworks to a Pure Sculpture artist under the commission terms outlined in the artist contract.

PS Community

A dynamic art-based environment on the Pure Sculpture website. This component of the site will connect collectors with artists, providing collectors with a more intimate view of the artists’ work and process.

PS Edition

A PS Edition is a number of the same sculptures that are artist-signed and numbered. PS Edition counts may vary but typically range from 90 to 600. Each PS Edition sculpture arrives with a book detailing the story of the purchased work, certificate of authenticity, a piece of the casting mold and custom packaging/storage. PS Edition sculptures are works that are commissioned by and exclusively sold by Pure Sculpture.


A series is a collection of different sculptures in the same family. A series of similar sculptures by one artist or collaboration is a vertical series. A horizontal series is a collection of sculptures on an identical subject by different Pure Sculpture artists.


Pure Sculpture Stockists are a select group of fine retail partners in locations around the United States. In these locations you can view and purchase original Pure Sculpture works.

The Exchange

Once a sculpture collection sells out, the only place to purchase Pure Sculpture authenticated artwork is on The Exchange. This online marketplace will be a robust section of the Pure Sculpture website where collectors can connect with other buyers, sellers and those interested in exceptional artwork and unique opportunities.

Final Artist Proof

The artist creates several sculpture proofs before designating one as the final artist proof. Once a bronze is perfectly completed, it is signed by the artist, and it becomes the standard against which all other sculptures in the series are measured.


A workshop where cast metal sculpture is created.

Lost-Wax Casting

The lost-wax process, is one of the oldest metal-forming methods. It is often an expensive process, but the intricate details and contours of the cast are well worth it. In this process, a wax original is enclosed in an outer mold. The wax is then melted and evacuated from the mold under high temperatures, and the resulting voids are filled with metal, producing the final sculpture.

Mold Creation

A series of molds are made of the original clay figure by coating it with rubber supported by a plaster mother mold. When the rubber is dry, the original clay is removed. The remaining mold captures the intricate details of the clay in reverse.


Each sculpture is hand stamped with its unique edition number.


The result of natural or artificial oxidation on a surface, which produces corrosion, texture, or a thin layer of color that can range in hue. In bronze sculpture, patina specifically refers to the alteration of the surface by the sculptor with acid or other chemicals.